We The People Jefferson County...who are we?

We The People Jefferson County Tea Party PAC began on April 15, 2009 with what would be its first Tax day rally in front of the Jefferson County Courthouse.  On that fateful day many concerned West Virginians came out in mass to stand up against oppressive over taxation (Taxed Enough Already).
That day was the birth of WTPWV.  After formally founding as a nonprofit 527 PAC, creating its by-laws, formulating its Mission Statement, organizational purpose, its objectives and electing its first board, the journey began which still goes strong today!

WTPWV has regular monthly meetings that are open to the public (and we encourage everyone to attend, regardless of party) where current issues facing Jefferson County, its local municipalities and West Virginia are discussed and actions are planned to address the same.  This is also a time to come together in fellowship and friendship, with one common goal in mind.

What is the Tea Party movement...

There are many misconceptions about the movement which has come to be called the Tea Party Movement.  Unfortunately, from its inception in February of 2008 there have been many false and exaggerated misconceptions created about the movement.  It is easier to begin to explain who we are by first stating who we are not:
    ~ We are not a political party
    ~ We are NOT beholden to anyone, any group or any party
    ~ We are NOT funded by any single organization or individual
    ~ There is No One leader in the Tea Party Movement
    ~ We are NOT anti-government, nor are we advocating for a different form of government
    ~ We are NOT affiliated or support any Alt Right or Alt Left group.  We condemn all forms of governing, groups and organizations that take away the rights of the individual and all forms of racism and bigotry for any reason.  These very ideas conflicts in our core belief of all Men being created equal with their rights ordained by God which no man or government shall impede.
What we are is a movement born out of frustration and patriotism, because of the misuse of our Constitution.
We have faith in the American people an in what our country could be IF we could maintain the principles of our Republic, as envisioned by our Founding Fathers.  The Tea Party Movement is more about these principles than it is about politics.
We believe the role of government should be limited as set forth by the Constitution, where the Federal Government has a limited but important job to do.  This is the best form of government yet conceived of by any man.  The States have their jobs too, and both are beholden and responsible to the people.  The founding fathers conceived of a country where individuals have the maximum opportunity and freedom to achieve what they want.
The name of the Tea Party Movement came from Taxed Enough Already and also from the spirit of the Boston Tea Party where colonist refused a shipment of tea which was being taxed unfairly in their estimation.
Just like those colonist, the Tea Party Movement is filled with those who refuse to play political games that our two major political parties have been playing for years – pitting one group against the other, hiding the truth, manipulating information and presenting falsehoods to the public.
We want honest and open government, we want our tax dollars to stop going to wasteful projects most of which are not the job of government in the first place.  We want fairness for all, not a government that picks and chooses the winners based on their particular constituency.

The Tea Party Movement is made up of people from all walks of life…

We come from all different backgrounds, ethnicity, religions and economic levels.  We are from all political sides, not just Republican and Democrat.  AND, WE DO NOT CARE WHICH SIDE YOU COME FROM!

If you feel the government is out of control, over taxing, over spending, dishonest and hurting our future, then you will feel right at home with us.  We look for solutions, not blame, and we’re working together to SAVE OUR COUNTRY!

How is the Tea Party Movement affecting change...

We are ordinary citizens that have little influence by ourselves.  But, by uniting, we are able to make a difference.  We have already made huge strides in these past few years.

Although we have been ignored, dismissed, made fun of, and insulted, we have stood firm with our principles and have behaved above reproach.  This has helped to make Tea Party movement grow spectacularly.  As a matter of fact, the more we are insulted, the more people join us.  They know and can judge for themselves that we are not any of the things they call us.

We are respectful of the rule of law and of our country’s leaders.  We use peaceful and democratic processes like rallies, marches, letter writing, emailing, phone calls and showing up places where we can talk to our leaders.  We keep each other informed through our forums and we help each other know what is going on.  All this despite the fact we have no national leader,  no one person who unites us or tells us what to do.  We find each other through our websites, social media and other forms, and are united because we know our country needs us.

There is something for everyone in this movement...

You might not be able to attend meetings, but you can connect with members on the internet.  You can write and inform others through blogs and emails.

You might not have a lot of time but you can help out at election time for a few days.  There are good and honest people running for offices that need our help with their campaigns.

You might not understand a lot of what is going on and want to learn ore.  You can go to public meetings.  There are committees and small group discussions, book clubs, and even large forums.

There are many ways to help, and everyone has a special skill to over to the movement and our country.

Won't you join us...

So now you know about us, we would like to meet you, won't you join us?  Please reach out to us on our contact page , let us know what your concerns with our Local, State and National government and the direction of our country and come to a meeting , connect with others who share your concern and let's work together to help Jefferson County, West Virgina and our Nation to get all back on the right path!